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 Pewaukee, WI

What recession?  Thanks to ActionCOACH my business is booming.  Since partnering with Chris Carman of ActionCOACH, my revenue is up 50%.  The motivation, guidance and support Chris provides me has made a tremendous impact on my business, but more importantly my life!

Chris helped me develop a clear vision as to what I wanted to achieve and every day he coaches me to achieve that vision.  He’s become an indispensable part of my advisory team.

I’ve never worked less and made more money in my life.

If you’re serious about achieving business and personal success, ActionCOACH is the best investment you’ll ever make!

Doug Krueger
Owner, Peak Performance Personal Training


Brookfield, WI

Dear Chris,

First, I would like to thank you for being my Action Coach. You and your team have had a profound impact on me and my business.

Second, I would like to say to anyone who is thinking, or hesitating about whether to take on an Action Coach…



Chris has helped me and my business in many ways.  First and foremost, he has given me the tools to help me get control of my time.  I used to run around in reaction mode – or better yet, firefighting mode – in my business.   Time away from work to spend with my wife?  Yeah right…that wasn’t happening.  However, after implementing some of Action’s strategies, I now have taken control of my time rather than time taking control of me.  I have more time with my wife to do the things we like to do and can turn the cell phone off knowing my team can handle things.  What a great feeling!

ActionCoach has also helped me increase my profits.  By implementing several small but important changes in how we do things in our sales, marketing and production process, I have seen my revenues grow despite the current economy!  In fact, I was in the top 5 in sales nationwide in December!

I was definitely skeptical of whether Coach Chris could help my business grow.  However, now I know that the Action Coach system really works and I have no qualms about recommending Chris to every business owner I meet, big or small.

Thanks to Chris & Action Coach. The best thing I did in 2008!

Yours truly, Tom Steepy, Owner – SignsNow Brookfield

, WI

Dear Chris,

I wanted to personally thank you for your assistance with the Small Business Expo last week.  We had a very successful show!  Your advice really dialed me in on how to attract potential clients to our booth.  It was a pleasure to sit down with you and brainstorm according to a detailed outline on what exactly needed to be done.  I would recommend your services to anyone who needs a well thought out plan or that extra step/push to make their business successful.

Yours in Health, 

Dr. Shane Huber

Mequon, WI


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the Action Coach. The coaching program you suggested was right on target, and was just what we needed to jump start our business in this very difficult economy. In addition, your GrowthClub goal setting program kept us on track and held us accountable to produce results.  I highly recommend any business owner that is looking for a competetive edge, to give you a call.

Neal And Ann Russo
DUCTZ Indoor Air Professionals


Mequon, WI

My relationship with Action Coach has been the best partnership I have made in 14 years of business.  The workshops we sponsor have provided me the opportunity to enhance my relationship with my clients in a way I always dreamed of.    My coach, Chris Carman has been instrumental in my growth and his encouragement keeps us on track with the quarterly goals he helps us set.

Wade Knopf



Milwaukee, WI

If you are considering working with Coach Chris and ActionCOACH I would like to make the recommendation that you do so today.  I have found working with Chris and ActionCOACH very valuable to my business.  Chris brought to light some very serious holes in my business plan…like the fact that I had no business plan!  He not only helped me create a plan for my business but also structure a marketing plan to take my business to the next level.

I particularly find value in the positive and forward thinking culture at ActionCOACH.  Time and energy is spent looking for ways to take action rather than wasting time by placing blame.

As a coach, Chris holds me accountable and responsible for the results I get in my business and my life.  He gives me an objective view of my business and access to tools and systems to make necessary changes and achieve meaningful results to my bottom line.

Make it a point to do what you need to do and get involved with Chris and ActionCOACH.  If you are committed to your success and getting results, you’ll be glad you did.  I know I am!

To your success,

Chris Rutter
Rutter’s Automotive


 Mequon, WI

Dear Business Owners,

I’ll admit it…I was skeptical.  I did not see the benefit of having a business coach.  I have my PhD and my MBA and have been very successful in business both past and present.  However, after meeting Chris Carman and attending ActionCOACH’s GrowthClub event, I saw how their systems and processes work and was impressed.  I decided to give coaching a try…and I am glad I did.

Since I have been working with Chris I have not only seen my business grow but I have built a strong foundation of structure for my business.  I’ve gained control of my business and my time by working ON my business not just IN it.  I’ve increased revenues and profitability by measuring and managing my numbers.  And, I’ve gained clarity on the priorities in my business based on what I enjoy doing and what makes me money rather than what “just keeps me busy”.

Chris is very knowledgeable, teaches patiently and is dedicated to my success.  He adds an outsider’s perspective and asks great questions that help me make important decisions. Chris has not only become a valuable business coach, but also a confidant and friend. He has strengthened my business and my own knowledge. Chris’ guidance has become a true asset to my business’s health.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level “Coach Chris” is for you.  I highly recommend Chris and ActionCOACH.  The combination of Action’s systems, processes, and resources along with Chris’ ability to hold you accountable to your goals will become incredibly valuable to your business.

Thank you Chris for your assistance!

Bernie Rosen
Rosen Wellness


Brookfield, WI

Dear Chris!

This letter is long overdue!  First of all, the only words I can think of to show my gratitude is ‘thank you!’.

"If you continue to think and do the way you always thought and did, you WILL 100% get what you’ve always thought and gotten".  We had to do something!  I always did well, but with an ever-changing economy and an expanding family, I had more mouths to feed and more bills to honor. 
My back was against the wall, and I was literally in tears in Chris’ office just 11 months ago.  I didn’t know what to do.  I truly wished I had taken this class back in 1995 when I started my business.  Actually, I don’t see how you can survive in today’s business world without a coach?  Action Coach will look at your business from a 3rd party perspective and give you a non-biased assessment.

It’s amazing that Chris was able to point out several BFO’s (Blind Flash of the Obvious) that were ‘sitting right underneath my nose’.  I can’t believe I didn’t see it for myself.  One of the first questions he asked me was, "What are you not doing now that used to work?"  There were at least 3-4 things!

I don’t know why I stopped doing them, but I guess accountants convince  you that marketing is an expense and not an investment.  I actually never really looked at my balance sheet (thank you, Coach Tom), profit margins, etc.  The BEST thing was a Personal Guarantee and a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Although business is NEVER easy in a good or bad economy, we are actually having one of our BEST years in 2009, and I have Action Coach to thank for many of these results.  Thank you, Chris, for your support, advisement, and friendship…you’re the BEST!!!

P.S.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding Action or Coach Chris!  What the heck do you have to lose?  They GUARANTEE their work.

Eric Ciepluch
Owner, DJs Unlimited


Brookfield , WI

"We have a nice backlog of projects, a system to continue selling and filling the backlog, and a process in place to hire additional staff when the time is right.  I could not have done it without that assistance of Action."

This client increased their sales by 100% in 6 months!

Brookfield , WI 

"I cannot see how anyone can run a business without a coach…Working with Action I’m well on my way to becoming the leader I knew I was, and now I run my business, it does not run me.  Thanks for believing in me!"

Burlington, WI

"Action has kept me focused on working ON my business not just IN my business.  I am putting systems in place so
I am not working on the day to day operations, instead concentrating on moving the business forward.  Action has been a tremendous value."

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